August 07, 2021 (cycling)
Alpine Lake and Mt. Tam
with Gimmi & Phil

A lovely day out on the bike riding from Mill Valley, through Ross and Fairfax to Alpine Lake, then up to Ridgecrest (Mt. Tam), down to Bolinas (an unplanned 1,500 ft descent... ) and then back up BoFax to the Seven Sisters, all along the ridge of Mt. Tam and back down to Mill Valley.

About that unplanned Bolinas excursion... Phil took a wrong turn at the top of Ridgecrest and bolted down to Bolinas trying to catch us, thinking that we continued without him... meanwhile we were waiting at the top and he just didn't see us, so we caught up with him at the bottom of the BoFax climb and had to ride all the way back up to Ridgecrest to continue our ride... an unplanned 1,500ft climb...


I also played with Garmin's VIRB Edit to overlay my Wahoo Bolt's data onto one of the segments I recorded (riding downhill from Mt. Tam.