March 06, 2015 (tech,gadgets)
B&O Beoplay H6
h6After listening to many different headphones over the last few months, I finally bought a pair of these Beoplays (second hand on Amazon... spotless, and at a 40% discount!).  A few things I really like about them:
  • The sound is really open, balanced and smooth.  I was surprised that a closed headphone would sound so light and open.  Feels like the best of both worlds: the isolation of a closed over-the-ear headset, but with the airiness of an open headset.
  • I read reviews about them being a bit shy on the bass.  The bass is plenty for me, and they really open up when hooked up to the Meridian Explorer DAC (see below)
  • Ok, they look awesome
  • Very light - makes it comfortable to wear for hours at a time
  • The lamb skin leather ear cups are buttery smooth. Reminds me of the B&W P5.
  • I actually like the fact that it is not black
  • Good cable.  No cable noise.  Has a microphone in-line...

I spent all day on conference calls with this headset and everyone said it sounded fine.  But more importantly, it made me feel like I was much more immersed in the conversation.

Meridian Explorer

meridian-explorer-headphone-amp-gear-patrol-fullWhen at my desk, I hook it up to the Meridian Explorer, and as I mentioned, it is a stunning combination.  The soundstage opens up and really pulls you into the recording.  Love this setup.