September 01, 2009 (tech,gadgets)
Your Software Project Is Doomed if…

Check out 101 Ways To Know Your Software Project Is Doomed. Some of my favorites:

  • You start hiring consultants so they can take the blame
  • Project estimates magically match the budget
  • Developers use the excuse of ’self documenting code’ for no comments
  • You still believe compiling is a form of testing
  • Your manager insists that you track all activity but never uses the information to make decisions
  • Your white boards are mostly white
  • The client continually mistakes your burn-down chart for a burn-up chart
  • A Change Control Board is created and your product isn’t even its first alpha version
  • All performance issues are resolved by getting larger machines
  • You know exactly how many compile warnings cause an ‘Out of Memory’ exception in your IDE
  • Broken unit tests are deleted because they are obviously out of date