February 16, 2007
Smartphone Goodies
DST Change 
  • OK, by now I hope you all updated your machines with the DST change fix from Microsoft (can’t believe they took this long to create the update!)
A Few Favorite Apps 
  • A great free Sudoku game
  • Google Maps.  They now have a smartphone app which is a lot better than the Java version that we had to use before.
  • Windows Live Search works pretty damn well.  Maps and Driving directions (and just phone number lookups etc) are VERY easy.  The UI is actually much better than Google Maps, in my opinion.  Give it a whirl.  It looks like it can also integrate with a GPS device if you have one… But I just think the driving directions were done VERY well.
Blackjack Peeves 
  • To unlock the keys, you have to press three buttons.  That is just stupid.  Anyone have a hack for this?  Couldn’t find one online
  • The built-in alarm application (which I LOVE) takes wayyy too long to go into the ‘Wake up alarm’ screen.  It takes about 30 seconds!  This doesn’t happen on my i320.
What's Coming?