August 21, 2006 (tech,gadgets)
Favorite Bluetooth Headset
I was intrigued by the reviews of the completely non-sexy Plantronics Voyager 510. They claim that the noise-cancelling microphone really works… so I got one (replaced my Nokia at the local Radio Shack…). Most BT headsets sound quite a bit worse than using your phone without the headset. This one doesn't, and, in fact, in the car it sounds clearer. You can speak in a normal voice, even softly, and it comes through crystal clear. I get very annoyed when I feel like I have to yell into a headset, and this one solves that problem. In terms of fit, it is very comfortable, and the boom is not obnoxious at all, meaning it doesn’t look like some growth from one’s ear, like a lot of the current Motorolas and even some of the smaller ones. Mainly because the battery hides neatly behind the ear (like the old Jabras) and the boom is just a thin boom. Very comfortable indeed, and attaching it to one’s ear is quite easy.