January 17, 2004 (wine)
Screw-cap in Napa?
My sister-in-law is making it!

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote this article about Danielle's new wine, branded as TwoTone Farms.    

The wines are geared to those who know Sarah Jessica Parker but not wine critic Robert Parker. The target buyer doesn't have a wine cellar, shops today for wine to serve tonight, is most likely unfussy about glassware, may not own a corkscrew and bases wine-buying decisions on taste, price and packaging.
It's two wines, two winemakers, two people working together even though we work at different wineries," Cyrot says. "(For the first vintages) Tres and I sat down with 100 wine samples and started blending, and we came up with a style that we'd like to drink at home and serve to our friends. We made our decisions day by day, with no other winemakers telling us what to do. We work very well together and feed off each other's ideas.