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January 7, 2017

iPhone 7 Plus vs. Sony RX100 iv

By In Photography

I am trying out the Sony RX100 IV camera.  The question for me is whether it is worth carrying around a small camera vs. just using the iPhone 7 for casual pictures.  The camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is so good, even with the small sensor, that it may not be worth having/carrying a camera like the RX100 with you.

Here is a comparison shot with the iPhone 7 Plus and the RX100 IV.  I had to crop the RX100 picture slightly to match the iPhone 7 field of view (couldn’t get to exact zoom match).  Both were shot raw.  The iPhone was shot at 1/20s, ISO 200, f1.8 and the Sony was shot at 1/30s, ISO 1000, f2.8.

The first picture just shows the full pictures side by side.  They are unprocessed raw files, with no sharpening or noise reduction.  The next picture is a 1:1 zoom of the unprocessed raw files, and the last picture has 50% noise reduction, and 20% sharpening applied, along with some tone corrections.

My conclusion is that, as far as image quality goes, the Sony RX100 is definitely better.  But not *that* much better.  And given the convenience of the iPhone 7, I don’t think I will be keeping the RX100.

  1. nick February 8, 2017

    what about compared to RX100’s video? 

    • cobus February 8, 2017

      Good question! I think the RX100 is a great option for video. Especially with its zoom and image stabilization. However, I have been very happy with video footage shot on the iPhone 7 Plus. The image stabilization is very good and with the excellent Filmic Pro app on the iPhone, you can boost the data rate of 4k video on the iPhone to a whopping 100Mbps. That is an incredible amount of information captured in 4k footage. I am really enjoying Filmic Pro on the iPhone and don’t feel I miss a camera like the RX100 for video either.


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