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I wanted to just quickly post this.  My brother Jannie works at Onesheep a non-profit with a vision:

We aim to be the world’s most effective incubator and developer for digital mission, pushing the the Body of Christ to lead the way in using technology for genuine life-change.

Last week, he was in London and took part in the 48-hour Code for the Kingdom Hackathon.  Onesheep won the hackathon!  I love their idea.

Here is an article with some more details of the hackathon.


  • Jannie says:

    Hey! Thanks for the mention! Those who want to check out the tech or see demo can have a look at our dev post:

  • Ken says:

    Pretty neat. I just created my first Alexa skill last weekend and was impressed with how easy it is (still a few rough edges in the dev toolkit but that is to be expected I think). Anyway, pretty neat and I’m even more convinced now that people will interact with their computational devices more through voice than screens in the near future.

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