September 25, 2016

Jensie Gran Fondo 2016

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Who is Jens Voigt?

Here are some pictures from the Jensie Gran Fondo I did yesterday.  I met up with Tracey Grose from San Francisco (a friend of ours that we met at some previous cycling events) and we were riding buddies for the day.

It started out at 8am and we arrived at Stafford Lake Park in Novato, CA, about 40min drive from my home.  It was a beautiful morning, crisp, no wind.  By the time we arrived back at Stafford Lake at 1:30pm it was very hot and a bit windy on the road.  The Lagunitas beers and Bratwurst sandwiches were so good!  As Jensie said at the end of the ride:

“Good weather, good riding, good beer and good bratwurst.  What can be better??” 

Here is a great article that shows Jens’s character.  Really inspiring.

These pictures were just taken with my iPhone

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