June 21, 2014

Mt. Diablo ride with Gimmi

By In Cycling

Gimmi and I headed out to Mt. Diablo early this morning to ride the 3,800ft beast from the North Gate.  We found a great parking spot a ways before the North Gate… along with about 50 other riders competing in a time trial up the bottom part of the climb (2,000 ft in about 7 miles)… that was humbling.

But we kept on going and made it to the top!  That last 17-18% kicker at the top was really tough.  No wonder they call it The Wall.  I definitely want to do this ride again.

Got back to Napa in time for a burger and Chimay at Angele.  All in all a great Saturday morning.

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  1. Ma June 22, 2014

    I’m really impressed! Especially that you want to do this again!!!!!!!!!


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