March 16, 2014

Haq, Sutton, Hatch

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We had a great day of wine tasting.  Cade, St. Clement (with a Sunshine Market picnic), Spring Mountain Vineyards.

Cade was by far the most impressive.  The wines are fantastic and the whole experience was very well thought out.  Start with some Sauvignon Blanc at the tasting room, then stroll over to the caves while learning about the property, the wines and the company.  Then a walk through the caves with its two-tone barrels and then back to the tasting room for a sit-down with four big cabs and some snacks.  Spend the money and do this.  You will remember it.

St. Clement was solid, but felt a bit run-down.  I hope that they will keep it up.  They had very few wines to taste, but we were able to enjoy some solid Star Vineyard Chardonnay and also a lovely Oroppas with out picnic from Sunshine Market in St. Helena.

We weren’t that impressed by the wines or the experience at Spring Mountain vineyards.  Even though we paid $40 per person for a very light tasting, we were constantly propositioned to buy into the wine club.  Also, Maureen had to leave to take the kids home, because they said the kids were not welcome.  Not a good experience at all.  And the wines were very woody and had way too much tannins in them.  I was tasting tannins for hours afterwards.

After the wine tasting, we all had a quick rest before heading out the St. Helena again for the main event of the day… the Polenta Feast with Michael and Eileen Chiarello!

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