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March 16, 2014

Chiarello Polenta

By In Fun

Eight of us went to Michael and Eileen Chiarello’s home in St. Helena to enjoy their famous ‘Polenta Party’.  What a great experience.  Eileen is on the board of directors for Connolly Ranch in Napa and they donated this dinner at an auction last year:

At Connolly Ranch, kids and families learn about farm life, the role of farm animals, ecology and sustainability, and an appreciation for nature. We teach organic gardening, the sources and benefits of healthy foods and an understanding of how nature works to sustain us. The 12 acre ranch is located just west of downtown Napa.

Daniel and Colin go there often, so we wanted to support them and ended up bidding on this dinner and we won!  Luckily we were able to find some good friends who split the cost with us, so thanks to you guys for supporting Connolly Ranch!  (Kjerstin & Ted Hatch from Marin, Janice & Masud Haq from Houston, Kimberly & Josh Sutton from New York).  The description for the evening was:

Have your very own “as seen on TV” Chiarello Polenta Party around the kitchen hearth at the home of Michael and Eileen Chiarello for you and (7) friends. The heirloom-corn polenta is poured onto a board as you pass around the grilled meats, sides and condiment, and carve out your territory using nothing but a spoon and an Italian bib! Big bottles of old Napa and Italian wines abound, naturally.

It was a fantastic evening, even though Chef Chiarello had to rush back to Bottega (his restaurant in Yountville) for most of the evening to host a food critic, Eileen and Travis did an excellent job in hosting us.  A night to remember.

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