February 4, 2013

A few Mac OSX Tools

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My new desk setup

I have slowly but surely been moving my life from the PC to the Mac.  Here is a list of useful things:

  • Moom – a very cool tool for moving and zooming windows
  • Mint – from Quicken – a wonderful replacement for Microsoft Money.  It is cloud-based, but makes budgeting and tracking as a family very easy.
  • Alfred – I use it to launch programs, search for files, search evernote, create reminders – all from one central place.  It seems like every action I initiate these days goes through Alfred with its extensions.
  • XtraFinder add tabs and extra features to Finder
  • Omnigraffle – it is not cheap, but a fantastic drawing tool.  Effectively Visio on steroids for the Mac.  Can even edit visio drawings and export back out to Visio.

Thought I would capture these here for future reference.

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