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The boys had their violin recital today, and did a fabulous job. Unfortunately, Daniel’s violin was completely out of tune for the first piece, but Beth Vye (his teacher) fixed it for his second piece. You can watch their whole performance (along with their friend Giada) here, or you can watch the short clip below for just the boys’ performance. Nice job, Colin and Daniel!


  • Kathy says:

    Great job Daniel and Colin. I’m so impressed with how much you have learned! Love, Nana

  • retha says:

    That was AWESOME guys! Wow!!!! More, more, more please! Sometimes it can be quite tough because you have to practise your piece over and over again……but look at what you have achieved! Fantastic job, keep up the good work.

    retha & danie

  • Linda says:

    Daniel and Colin, that was a super performance!! Wish I could have been there to enjoy it. Maybe you can bring your violin and play for me when you come for Thanksgiving. Love, Aunt Linda

  • Juliette says:

    Very good job boys!!!When I see that I just want to see you again…I miss you a lot and hope you can come to France in the near future :*

  • Maureen Terry says:

    Dear Daniel and Colin,
    It was a delight to see and hear you play on this video. We are so proud of you both for getting up in front of an audience and performing so well. 
    Love and Hugs,
     Maureen, Bruce and LIz

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