October 29, 2012

Daniel’s Time Capsule Letter

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Daniel had to write a letter to submit to the school’s time capsule, which they will open in 50 years. He wrote this without any prompting! Quite funny (and a little bit sad)…

I’m going to be a Lego Creator when I grow up.  I’ll make some thing nobody has ever seen before and I’ll be famous.  I’ll be single because I’ll have a hard job.  I’ll have a bunch of emails and papers.  Phones will be ringing and if I had kids I would be bothered.

I’ll have a lot of books too.  They’ll be science books because I’ll be smart and I’ll like improving my mind so books can help a lot.

I think the future will be like that and I think I will like my life and I hope that work pays off.

The end.

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