April 1, 2012

Jailbroke my AppleTV 2

By In Tech & Gadgets

atvflash-black-product-pageI have 3 AppleTV 2’s – one in the Living Room, one in the Office (kids tv when we need the living room) and one in the bedroom (mostly for streaming our music through airplay, but also for movies).  We also use the office AppleTV as a travel media player when we travel with the kids… great for streaming the movies from their iPod Touches and also for streaming Netflix in hotels.

Now for the topic of the post… I have media on my PC that I would like to view through AppleTV without converting it to Apple format and importing into iTunes.  For that, I needed to jailbreak the AppleTV (I used Seas0nPass from fireCore) and installed aTV Flash from fireCore.  The instructions are covered on those websites.  Now I can mount my smb shares on my AppleTV’s and view many media formats through my AppleTV 2.

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