August 24, 2006

8/23 ride in Naperville

By In Cycling

Map of Naperville - Fermi RideI packed up my Trek 5200 bike and took it with me to Naperville, since I will be spending my weeks there for the next year (Mon-Thu) and joined a fun cycling group called the Saybrookcyclists.  They are a spirited group of around 6-8 who go out every morning at 5:20am for a 20+ mile ride around the Fermi accelerator in Naperville.  I have to say, getting up at 4:45am is tough, and it is dark!  But it adds a quality of life to living in the hotel that is well worth it.  And they go pretty fast! Here is a link to the ride we did today. Note the average speed… 20.2mph

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