The Big Mac Exchange Rate

Use FXBigMac to find out exactly what your $ is worth in different countries. It tries to indicate the relative buying power in different countries using a stable currency such as the Big Mac.

  • July 17, 2001

Trillian – a cross-platform Messenger

I started using Trillian about a week ago. It works with MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and IRC through a single unified program. It is also completely skinnable. You can reach me on MSN [], or on AIM [frommelnet],…

  • July 15, 2001

Greymatter – Major renovations on! went through major surgery. I now use Greymatter – a set of about 8 scripts (really neat) giving you an online weblog/journal, fully configurable and searchable, with features such as comments and 'karma' votes… Hopefully this way will…

  • July 15, 2001