Taxi on Trolleys

My dad sent me this picture from a local newspaper in South Africa. Quoting the text under the picture: “Infamous for their driving skills, it has long been suspected that some taxi drivers are off their trolleys. And pirate taxis…

  • November 4, 2001

Smallest digital camera I have seen

This is a new digital camera from ‘Che-ez!’ called ‘SPYZ’. It has a fixed lens, CMOS sensor and shoots at 640 x 480. Aparently, the image quality isn’t anything to write home about, but I just thought that this was…

  • November 3, 2001

Windows XP slower than Windows 2000

According to Infoworld. “In every test we performed on systems with a single CPU, OfficeBench ran in less time under Windows 2000 than under Windows XP. The differences ranged from slight to dramatic, depending on the hardware configuration, but XP…

  • November 2, 2001

Please vote for Trillian on the PocketPC

Please go to this site and vote for the next port of Trillian to be for the PocketPC. What is Trillian? It’s a freeware unified instant messaging client that lets you connect and communicate with other people who are on…

  • October 23, 2001

Unix apps (Apache, Emacs, X-Windows) for the Pocket PC

The folks at General Paranoyaxc Software compiled a bunch of Unix applications for the Pocket PC and Windows CE. Crazy stuff. Who would have thought it possible to run Emacs, X-Windows, or LaTeX (seen in the picture) on the iPaq!…

  • October 21, 2001

Cobus 3000 – Aluminum Body

This is the airport bus that seems to be used all over Europe. Andrew Sather called me last year from the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris telling me that he was on this bus, and thought that I should…

  • October 13, 2001


priceless 576×441American flag: $25Gasoline: $2Cigarette Lighter: $2.50Catching yourself on fire… PRICELESS

  • October 12, 2001

Bush under cover

{{popup bush_large.jpg bush_large 450×550}} So, who said this was a PC site?

  • September 28, 2001

Beer vs. Stock

Ok, this is more humour than 'stuff', but I thought it was just too good. On July 26, 2000, two friends, Jim and John, each got a $1000 bonus at work. (They both work for Nortel Networks, where in the…

  • September 10, 2001

Cape of Storms – Big Wednesday

Some weather news from the Cape of Storms. The worst storm in 50 years. Trees were uprooted, roofs lifted… average galeforce winds of 100km/hr and gusts of up to 150km/hr in Cape Town Harbour. The average height of a wave…

  • September 7, 2001