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We finally pulled the trigger on our kitchen remodel.  Since we bought our wonderful house in 2007, we knew that the kitchen was not ideal.  It was beautiful but had some structural ‘inefficiencies’ that we were never quite happy with.


  1. Add a pantry to the kitchen – to accommodate this, we decided to get rid of the vertical ovens and instead get a wider stove with 1.5 ovens underneath.
  2. Change the layout of the kitchen island – the L shape was very inefficient
  3. Add seating around the kitchen island – when we entertain around the kitchen, our guests have to stand around on the other side of the island.
  4. Brighten the kitchen.  Even though we loved the beautiful cherry cabinets, the kitchen was just too dark.  We may still install some solar tubes later, but we wanted floor-to-ceiling white cabinets to brighten the space.
  5. Replace the patchwork of carpeting and wood flooring upstairs (kitchen, living room, tv room, dining room and corridors) with wood flooring.  We are actually replacing the downstairs corridor also.


The plan


Here are some pictures of the cabinet design:


We spent some time drooling over appliances, and decided on the Thermador appliances for the big-ticket items:

Really looking forward to playing with these new toys!

Work in Progress


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