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Had quite a crazy trip to Tahoe this week-end.  Left on Saturday 5am, took 4h30 to get to Heavenly – lots of slow traffic and standstills over the last 30 miles (the top of Echo peak on the 50).  When we finally got to our hotel on the Nevada side of Heavenly (we booked a hotel right at the gondola) we found a looong line of people waiting to get on buses to go to the California side of the mountain, since the Nevada side had a power outage.  So much for staying right next to the ski lift!

After standing in line for 10 minutes, we decided to cut bait and head over to Northstar (another hour’s drive).  That was a good decision and we had a number of runs up there.  Unfortunately we had to drive back to the hotel in the evening (another hour+) and didn’t get to really enjoy the hotel much, although Colin and I went for a quick dip in the jacuzzi.  We had dinner with the Cassianis at their condo (they were staying with a friend up there) and got back to the hotel at midnight (way later than planned!).

Sunday brought more snow, and we had the boys in a private ski lesson.  That was great and both of them learned a lot.  We finally left at 3:45pm.  The 50 was completely blocked over the pass, so we bit the bullet and drove back up to Northstar and then took the 80 from there.  A very long drive, but at least the traffic moved.  Had dinner at Chevy’s and arrived home around 9:30.

Happy that we had no incidents on the road, and happy that we had the 4-wheel drive Sienna!


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