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We spent a wonderful (short) week-end with Bruce and Danny at Northstar in Lake Tahoe.  We rented a nice house on VRBO.  Colin and I went up on Friday morning and were able to get a few runs in on Friday afternoon.  Maureen and Daniel had some stuff to finish up at school and joined us late afternoon at the house, and Bruce and Danny arrived around 9pm.

Saturday morning, we had a good breakfast and headed out to the slopes.  We had a blast skiing together for the whole day.  The backside of the mountain was definitely more fun (Drifter and Burnout runs) with very short lift lines.  We all felt over-dressed for the warm weather and the snow at the bottom of the mountain was mushy, but we stayed mostly at the top of the mountain.

For the evening we made tacos at the house, and had lots of good wine, watching a movie with the boys, and playing games (Clue and card games).  On Sunday, we packed up and everyone headed home in the morning (more appointments…), except Colin and I, who stayed to get in a last few runs.


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