SA ’13 – New York

Wed 1/8 – New York, Natural History Museum

We arrived in NY, missing three of our checked bags. Luckily not anything we needed in the freezing city. (They had since recovered hte bags and Fedex-ed them through to Napa, quite a nice perk, since we didn’t have to lug the bags around with us!). After finding a good bagel place near our hotel and enjoying some great bagels for breakfast, we all took a nap to recover from the 16-hour flight. Late afternoon, we headed over to the Natural History Museum and had fun tracking down all the artifacts from the movie ‘Night at the Museum’. Great fun. Met up with Josh, Kimberly and Abhilash for dinner at Tamarind Tribeca. Very good Indian food and some fantastic wine.

Thu 1/9 – New York, Philharmonic, Metropolitan Museum

We headed over to the Avery Fisher hall at Lincoln Center to watch the NY Philharmonic rehearse. What a great experience. The place was packed, and the atmosphere was actually nicer than the stuffiness that goes with these big performances. What a joy to watch and hear an orchestra like this play, and the soloist (Lisa Batiashvili) was really good (and pretty :-)). The kids actually did pretty well during the concert and it was great watching them watch the orchestra with such attention.
We then had lunch at a tiny little pizza joint with a wood burning oven and agreed that NY pizzas are good.
Then headed over to the Metropolitan Museum to check out the Egyptian, Armory, and some Impressionist exhibits. The kids were getting a little bit tired, but a chilly walk across Central Park perked us all up, and we went for sushi with Abhilash.

Fri 1/10 – Mamafuku, Ground Zero

Spent the morning packing in the hotel while the kids did some homework (begrudgingly). Had lunch at Mamafuku restaurant. Wow, they know how to handle slabs of pork belly! Then quickly visited Ground Zero, but it was too cold to spend enough time there. Still a very somber experience. The monument will be very impressive and a beautiful tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.
Battled traffic to get back to JFK but made it in enough time to catch our last flight for the trip back to San Francisco.
We asked Bruce to come and pick us up at the airport.

Home sweet home!


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