SA ’13 – Somerset West

Mon 12/16 – Washington DC to Cape Town

Kids did great on the flights.  Colin slept some, Daniel read mostly, Maureen watched movies, I slept some.  White wine with ice – the Cape way…  Mom, Dad, Danie, Andre met us at airport

Tue 12/17 – The Test Kitchen

Left boys with Ouma, and headed to Woodstock in Cape Town where Danie treated us to a fantastic 5-course lunch at The Test Kitchen, voted as one of the top restaurants in South Africa.  Very special, with great wine pairings.

Wed 12/18 – Babylonstoren

Danie recommended another great restaurant, Babel restaurant in Franschhoek, a farm-to-table style restaurant on the beautiful Babylonstoren winery. In the evening, we had dinner at Pizza Pomodoro with Mom, Dad and Zani. I met up with Lester and Dave and Erika Weber for some late night drinks

Thu 12/19 – Beach time with Ouma and Zani

Dropped kids off for beach time with Ouma and Zani, while Maureen and I did some errands at the Somerset Mall. I bought a 5GB data SIM from Vodacom for $40 to use in the MiFi device. Great deal! We had a fantastic dinner (barbecue!) with Danie and Helette.

Fri 12/20 – Beach with Zani

Spent the morning on the beach with Zani, then had lunch at my Mom and Dad’s, then had Zani with us in the afternoon at Somerton Manor, swimming and having fun in and around the pool. Andre joined us and we all had dinner at the Spur.

Sat 12/21 – Theron Family get-together

45 people!  Unfortunately no family picture this time.  Kids had a blast, and it was good to see everyone again.  It seems like this year was particularly hard for the family.  Glad to see they all have energy and hope for the new year.  Dinner at Manuka in Somerset West.  Good place with great Wine Shop (although there were lots of mosquitos).   Will go back.

Sun 12/22 – Blaauwklippen, Hidden Valley, Family Picnic

Breakfast outside (great idea!), slightly windy.  Went to the beach with the boys for an hour while Maureen caught up on some school stuff.  Then headed over to Blaauwklippen for lunch.  Wines were not all that great… whites were very ‘tanky’ and the reds way too green for me.  Fantastic bobotie, though… small bobotie pies.  They arrange the philo party dough in small baking rounds and then scoop the meat mix in, pour the custard over and bake the little individual rounds.  Definitely need to try this at home.

For a quick wine tasting, our friends recommended going to Hidden Valley and to Guardian Peak.  We made it to Hidden Valley and it was very good.  Loved the Sauvignon Blanc (very fruity, pineapple, guava) and also liked the oaked Chenin Blanc (8 months oaked).

Then headed back to Somerset West for our family picnic at the Helderberg Nature Reserve.  All four Theunissen brothers together again!  That was quite special.  We played some cricket with the kids and had a wonderful picnic spread.  Daniel was super happy to meet a huge tortoise, and Colin made friends with a crab.

Mon 12/23 – Wine Tasting and Therons in Wellington

We started off wine tasting at Tokara, which was wonderful.  They make some great wines there and we ended up buying some to bring back to the US.  After that, we were hungry and headed over to Boschendal where we tasted some more (The Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend was particularly interesting!) and had a picnic.  Kids had their own picnic baskets, which were great.

We then headed over to Wellington (hot!!!) to visit with Johannes (my cousin) and Illet.  We sat around their pool, swam, and had a leisurely visit until late in the night, where we ended the evening tasting some of Johannes’ plums (Black Diamonds… very very tasty)

Wed 12/25 – Christmas!

After a wonderful dinner at Mom and Dad’s on Christmas Eve, we opened presents at Somerton Manor on Christmas Day and headed over to Danie’s place in Constantia for Christmas lunch. We had a blast, and the kids really enjoyed the pool.

And here are all the pictures from these events…

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  1. Ouma

    Had a nostalgic trip down memory lane while watching these pics. THANK YOU for sharing it with us and thank you for being so super organized! Must say, there are some winning photo’s. Congrats to the photographer! We love you! We miss you! We appreciate you!
    This album will help to keep you near to our hearts and fulltime in our prayers. With hugs and kisses and every good wish,
    Ouma and Oupa

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