Starbucks with the Coolpix A

I took these three shots with the Nikon Coolpix A in Starbucks while waiting for my car’s oil change.  I had to crop them to about a quarter of their original sizes in Lightroom, since the super-wide 28mm (effective) lens captures a bit too much of the room for these types of shots.  I can definitely see the advantage to using a small ‘stealth’ camera like this for normal use vs. a DSLR.  Can’t imagine whipping out the DSLR in Starbucks and pointing it at people.  I am starting to like this ‘little’ camera.  Just ordered the Ricoh GR to try that one out… very similar specs and features (same size lens, same size sensor, same speed lens).  Apparently the Ricoh handles better than the Coolpix (and it seems much more rugged and thinner).



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